My work centres on the intersections of self, place, experience.

I’m excited by the process, more than the outcome and the healing potential that art making has for our fractured communities. I’m interested in pursuing collaborations and working with communities in a socially engaged way. 

There is much overlap between my work as an artist and as a counsellor. 

As an abstract painter I incorporate  a variety of mixed media.  Creating layered and bold artwork steeped in mystery. 

Many stories unfold and possibilities emerge rather intuitively throughout the layers of paint. Paintings comes together through choices that are both deliberate using the thinking process but also spontaneous and unplanned for.

  I might include loosely formulated ideas in the process as a starting point about inhabiting a space or something I feel strongly about attempting to express. The unknown aspect excites me and yet the work inevitably reaches a point where it’s time to stop.

Inspiration arises within an inquiry of what it means to be both human and spirit  therefore attempting to bridge the gap and balance the polarities between the more external; the physical experience and the internal, mental/ emotional or etheric feelings and senses.

The journey of my artistic expression has very much been a commitment to come to know the self more deeply through painting. The process is a continual inquiry involving deep listening and engagement with the substrate.

Painting supports me to become deeply grounded, to be in relationship with the senses and feelings in my body.

It was not until my late 30’s before I began formal art study, I have had a regular and committed painting practice since then, but going only as far  as a visual arts diploma ending in 2009 before life took another direction. Some health issues and a different study of yoga and further therapeutic modalities within a counselling profession took precedence which also influences how I approach creativity. 

 I have a lifelong interest in creativity and pursue ways to evolve my work more authentically as well as continual study.

I haven’t worked on promoting a business full time, this is something I am currently pursuing.  My work is housed in private collections around the world.

I live in the countryside of Gloucestershire,  United Kingdom with my beautiful boy- dog, Jake, or JJ Bear as he is affectionately known.