About My Process

By applying a variety of textures to build my work I enjoy gestural mark-making, colour blocking, scribbles, mixed media and paint. As I enter into a dialogue with the substrate, I listen for what might want to come forward. Materials are layered to create a rich tapestry of emotion. My portfolio spanning over the last couple years is an accumulation of selected work, which initially started in 2009 as a means to self-expression, using painting as a tool for self-exploration, healing and support.


A selection of my work on a variety of surfaces, wood, panel, paper. 

I use a variety of mediums, largely Acrylic paint, pens. collaged materials, pencils, crayons, oil paint and cold wax.

I have several pieces of Julias work. Each one brings me joy in different ways, I never tire of looking at them. Each time I look I see something new.

Jo Mercer

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Mixed media on canvas -Winter Series #7 - in situ 3
The Immigration Crisis Series

Started 2019~Continuing

Lately, immigration policies have been playing on my mind, both here in the UK and the USA primarily. Our policies and the damage caused on a profound global scale and a deeply individualised process with rocketing traumatic experiences for so many people, adults and children alike. 

So this current ongoing series is infused with my feelings around immigration, with my unease, profound sadness and a depth of grief for catastrophic world events.